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        At Clear Cut Pressure Washing LLC we are the solution to a major problem; maintaining clean surfaces. Dirt can cause pollution; be destructive to an image; and be the cause of costly renovations or even replacement. The need for an effective environmentally sound cleaning process is needed and does exist. Most surfaces are immovable and they must be cleaned at their location. Clear Cut Pressure Washing LLC is the solution to all of these problems.

The Best Pressure Washing Company in The Valley

Clear Cut Pressure Washing LLC is your one stop company for the care and cleaning of the outdoor portion of your operation or home. We offer complete removal of gum, food, beverage, dirt, grime, and other types of residue by using heated-pressured water at the most competitive prices in the industry. We are a family owned business, registered through the Arizona corporation commission and carry a $1 million general liability policy.

Company History 

In 2013 Clear Cut Pressure Washing LLC Started out with a single mission in mind, provide a cleaning service with quality and highest customer satisfaction achievable. Combined, our organization has over 35 years of commercial cleaning experience behind us.

Our Philosophy

Clear Cut Pressure Washing LLC believes in a philosophy that every property we leave is completed with the highest quality service, that the satisfaction of the customer is left in the highest regard.



Superior Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning Tile

Pressure Washing

We offer complete pressure washing services for all types of commercial properties in the Phoenix Metro area. With the use of specialized equipment and techniques we are able to remove gum, grime, and dirt from almost any surfaces. Let’s face facts; the outside of any business takes the brunt of the dirt. That, unfortunately, is also the first part that everyone sees. A good first impression is important and that is what Clear Cut Pressure Washing LLC will give you. On time. On budget. Guaranteed.

Sudsy Driveway


We pretreat all effected surface areas with our proprietary cleaning solutions.

Clean Concrete

Surface Cleaning

After Pretreating the work area, we then surface clean the area to ensure a consistent even deep cleaning.


Following the surface cleaning is rinse. The rinsing step allows us to remove all the grime off the work area. This is when we  also detail any area that the surface cleaner could not reach.

Gum Removal

Our last step is removing the biggest nuisance to all commercial properties, gum. Instead of using high pressure to blast away stubborn gum, we use high temp water and low pressure. This method decreases the likelihood of  permanent concrete scarring or damage.

Window Cleaning

We not only offer pressure washing services but we also do windows! Your windows take a beating throughout the Arizona year and especially after monsoon season. Have us come out to make those windows look cleaner than ever.

Inspect Glass


Before we clean any piece of glass, all are inspected for any chips, cracks, or failed seal.

Window Squeegee


The squeegee step works as an eraser to any grime on the glass. This step allows us to leave each glass with a streak free result!

Window Washing


Every glass pane gets scrubbed with window friendly solution and window safe fiber bars. This step breaks apart any greasy finger prints, dirt, food, or smudges.

Window Detailing


The last step in our window cleaning process is to detail every section of glass. We ensure to wipe off all window ledges and seals.

Construction Clean Up

Dirt pile remnants? Dusty property and windows? No problem! Give us a call today and we will come out and make it look like that construction crew was never there.

Clean Construction Site

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